Body art and piercings have been popular for centuries due to their unlimited potential for self-expression. Piercings are a bold and cool way to make a style statement. They're the right choice if you want to try a permanent form of body art but aren't quite ready for a tattoo.

Or maybe you already love body art. Do you have many tattoos and want to do even more?

Piercings. While less flashy and extravagant as a form of body art, they are still inherently ostentatious and require a lot of care and experience to execute successfully. While you may get a lot of advice on this topic, there are some basic rules to keep in mind when considering any type of piercing:

Don't do it at home. . No matter how many procedures you see online, never do it yourself, only at home. By their nature, piercings can cause a variety of complications and can be a minefield of infections if not done correctly. Don't try to get your piercing done at home by someone unless you are an experienced, licensed professional.

Have your piercing done by an experienced, licensed professional . carried out by a qualified professional. maintenance Maintain proper hygiene standards and use appropriate tools.

Always do a little research so you can do your own research during this process, making better decisions and judgments during the process. processes. Procedure. Although piercings are a very subtle form of body art, they remain permanent and require you to be knowledgeable when considering them.

If you have any type of piercing, certain type of rash, wart, or lump; or if you have any kind of pre-existing condition, it is very important to discuss it with the piercer, even if it seems irrelevant to you.

For any type When When it comes to body art , a clear declaration of consent from the piercer to the piercer is essential. It's your body and you have the right to say no if you change your mind or feel you're not ready. Make your consent clear so the piercer knows when to back off.

If you experience a reaction after the piercing, it is very important that you notice it. consult a doctor immediately.

Types of piercings

1) Industrial piercing:

Industrial Piercing: A Quick Guide to Everything You Need to Know

A very modern industrial piercing This unusual type of piercing is a two-hole piercing worn along the top edge of the ear. This type of piercing is sometimes called a "scaffold" piercing and its characteristic decoration is a bar-shaped attachment that connects the two holes.

Style with: bold but cute, this type of piercing goes very well with simple and glamorous looks. A real star in itself, this type of piercing goes well with a simple dress and a pair of elegant heels. Keep your makeup in the "soft light and glamorous" category.

2) Concha Piercings:

Flat, double conch and double lobe piercings???????? Pierced by @afabrii ⭐️  //image via @afabrii | Earings piercings, Cool ear piercings, Cute ear  piercings

Concha piercings are the most commonly used attractive types of ear piercing. This type of piercing, which is called conch or "concha", is performed in the central part of the ear. Since this is the area of ​​the ear that offers the most space, shell earrings are one of the most customizable styles and open the door to experimentation.

Shell earrings There are two types of shells: internal and external. For the “internal” conch piercing, a hole is made in the center of the ear, which is usually completed with a small plug. In an "external" conch piercing, the hole is made so that a ring or hoop can pass through and surround the outer edge of the ear cartilage. Because the turbinate piercing is done in a thicker part of the ear, it can be a little painful and take longer to heal.

Style with: This is a type of piercing meant only for summer. Show off your swimsuits and be bold with these types of casual outfitsPiercing.

3) Daith Piercing:

Daith Piercing Guide for 2022: Cost, Pain Level, and Side Effects

One of the cruelest names for ear piercings: a “daith” piercing. The boldest and most painful types of ear piercings around. The Daith piercing is performed in the internal cartilage of the inner part of the ear, in the center. Extremely attractive and exceptional in appearance, this is one type of piercing that is sure to turn heads.

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Although there is no solid scientific evidence to support this . Proving that this type of piercing is known to relieve migraines and migraine symptoms. A cool ear piercing style for girls, the Daith piercing is a statement in its own right. Popular with celebrities like Zoe Kravitz and Rihanna, the Daith piercing is a great option for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Style featuring: Actually Cool Girl style: Wear your Daith piercing with a biker or padded jacket to show off your style. It goes perfectly with the most unusual looks, even hippie and 70s ones. It is an excellent option if you want to opt for looks with a retro touch.

4 ) Lobe Ear Piercings:

Loving the Lobe: New Ear Piercing Styles To Consider - FreshTrends Blog

Among all types, piercings are 100% the most common and well-known. An earlobe piercing is performed on the soft, fleshy area of ​​the earlobe. It is a type of piercing performed more frequently in the first years of life, with the consent and supervision of parents. In countries like India, it is very common for parents to pierce their earlobes after the child is at least one year old.

Popular among all In this sense, most ear accessories available in all online and offline stores are suitable for this type of piercing. If left unattended, this piercing usually heals quickly on its own as it is placed in one of the fleshier parts of the ear. This position also makes earlobe piercing one of the most painless types.

Style with: Well, almost everything. This is a versatile ear piercing placement and requires no introduction to the world of style and fashion.

5) Helix Piercing:

The Complete Guide to Helix Piercing Jewelry – Pierced

One of the Among the bolder types of ear piercing, the helix piercing is also a type of cartilage piercing and is performed on the ring located on the outside of the upper edge of the ear. This type of piercing is usually done with a small needle and is rated lower on the pain scale because it occurs in a fleshier part of the edge of the ear. Along with the lobe piercing, this is one of the most common types of ear piercing.

Style with: Very feminine, this type of piercing goes perfectly with dresses and is also versatile enough to look cute with sweatshirts and dressier casual styles.

6 ) Belly Button Piercing/Beveled:

Buy 6mm Belly Button Ring Online In India - Etsy India

Like Like is part of many rebellious teenagers. Getting a belly button piercing is almost a rite of passage when it comes to visible piercings. Since this is an area exposed to many bacteria and body fluids, this type of piercing requires a lot of care and maintenance of good hygiene.

One of the least known The peculiarity of the navel piercing is that it is not the navel that is pierced. The piercing is done in the fatty and cartilaginous tissue just above the navel and this is where the jewelry is located. Although it is one of the riskiest types of piercings, the piercing process itself involves minimal pain. However, the shape of your belly button plays an important role in determining whether your body rejects it or not. It is considered more favorable to have some extra wrinkles around the navel.

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Style With: This is obviously a great option if you live near the beach and wear dresses frequently. Beachwear is the kind of piercing that wants to be seen. It looks great with swimsuits, crop tops and even Indian dresses.Saree, a navel piercing can elevate these outfits in a revolutionary way.

7) Erl/Bridge Piercing:

Bridge Piercing Information & Aftercare |

A type of piercing nose piercing, ear piercing -/The bridge piercing gives your face an unusual touch of glamour. This is not a very common piercing style, but it will definitely make you stand out in a unique way. However, it is also one of the types of piercing that requires experience and a lot of care. Subtle but noticeable, the healing time for this type of piercing is usually 8-10 weeks.

A bridge piercing appears as a horizontal bar running across the bridge. the nose. With this style the risk of rejection and migration is greater because few people have much meat on the bridge of their nose. If you wear glasses and want to get this type of piercing, make sure the point on the bridge of your nose is high enough for the glasses to fit comfortably.
Style with: Get into the sport with this style that gives off an extremely modern and futuristic vibe. All-black looks with black t-shirts, combat boots, leather jackets, and sweatpants or dark jeans make this look a complete aesthetic. Check out our catalog of sports-inspired casual clothing to discover your sporty favorites.

8) Nostril Piercing:

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One of the most common Nose piercings are, according to the types of earlobe piercings, the best in terms of style and definition of facial features. Particularly popular in India since ancient times, many traditional Indian jewelry options, such as the Nath, focus on this type of piercing.

Pierced through the cartilage Passage delicate nasal piercing, a nostril piercing is relatively less painful to perform. It is important to study the shape of the nose to ensure correct positioning. Even a slight migration can make this piercing look completely different.

Style with: If you are planning to get this piercing, you can create some stunning OTT Indian jewelry. On special days, buy a stylish, minimalist and simple nose ring to maintain your piercing every day.

9) Eyebrow Piercing:

Types Eyebrow Piercings: 7 Awesome Styles - AuthorityTattoo

A type of shallow drilling that should not be done impulsively. Eyebrow piercings are notoriously prone to failure, and understanding the anatomy and shape of the face is very important in determining design, placement, and jewelry. This piercing has been worn by Beyoncé and Jennifer Lawrence and is a real style statement.

10) Sternum Piercing

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A vertical sternum piercing is a single piece of jewelry placed vertically on the sternum. Two piercings are made so a barbell or two earrings can be placed, creating a sleek, elongated look. This style emphasizes the natural lines of the sternum, providing a unique and visually striking aesthetic. There may be moderate pain with this type of piercing.