Friends, it's time to make an appointment with your local piercer. Ear piercings are more fashionable than ever and whether you like the "constellation" look on your earlobe or prefer delicate gemstones on the outer edge, there is an option for you. It looks like “2024 will bring us more, much more,” says Johnny Pearce, piercer at Nine Moons Piercing in New York. “Your friend with a cute earring in 2023 probably has three or four now. Your other best friend, who just got his first double piercing as an adult, now has a special appointment to plan for a full ear recovery.

Our drillers are spreading the gospel. more until 2024, but what trends do you see specifically? Which parts of the ear are currently most worshiped through jewelry? We spoke with them about the direction the needle will take in 2024.

Ear piercing trends for 2024

Constellation Piercing

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Most of this year's trends involve a third, fourth, or fifth addition to an already pierced ear. When these new holes are grouped together in one section of the ear, it is called a constellation piercing. A constellation is made up of “very small pieces that are very close together and closer together than would be the case with conventional spacing.” says Alaina Rothstein, co-founder of Leo West, a piercing studio in Los Angeles.

The result is an "intentionally random" grouping of ear piercings which allows you to order earrings and gemstones to display. Pearce has noticed an increase in these investigations on the opposite coast as well. “Just as our celestial constellations are eternally repeating, so are the requests for these adorable ear designs,” she says.

Stacked lobes

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"Kids often come into the studio and say, 'I'm not cool enough,'" Brooks says. If the idea of ​​a constellation intimidates you, Brooks thinks a stacked lobe (ifPlacing two or more piercings at different heights on the earlobe provides an easier entry point. These piercings are less painful than cartilage piercings.

According to Sharp, the trend for stacking has become more asymmetrical. "For example, one side may have one or two earrings, while the other has four or five in a row, including cartilage piercings," she said. “Or yet another version of this trend: Some consumers wear a dangling or statement earring on one side, combined with a smaller earring on the other. “Asymmetric hearing aids allow consumers to add a unique look to the unique anatomy of their ear. » As they say about eyebrows, ears should be free to be sisters and not twins.

Vertical stacks

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"When ' Honestly, like, 'I love tucking my hair behind my ear to show off the little strands just above your classic [piercing],'" Rothstein says. It refers to a vertical stack in which a hole is drilled directly above the traditional first or second hole. This piercing requires a little space in the earlobe, but if you have enough webbing to play with, "it makes the ear a little more unique." adds Rothstein. Anterior helix The official name for the popping piece of cartilage where the ear connects to the skull is the frontal helix. “This piercing really stands out in an elegant ensemble,” says Schnieder.

When it comes to earrings, clients want one or more helical piercings in the front. “Every year we see new and different piercing trends based on fashion, culture and celebrity trends,” says Bubbers, but be careful, this piercing is delicate. Helix piercings can take more than nine months to heal, compared to an average of six months for other cartilage piercings like rook or conch. 

Snake bite (yes, for the ears)

Snake Bite Earrings | Snake Fashion™

I amIn body piercing, the term “snake bite” usually refers to two piercings on either side of the lower lip. However, the ears are two holes close together and slightly separated from the rest of the holes, giving the impression that the puncher may have used two tusks for this job.

According to Bubbers, most customers choose a snake bite in the center, in the center of the outer ear. “Once your piercings are fully healed, you can really customize your look in style,” says Bubbers. "Combine rings, earrings and necklaces to create a particularly unique stack."


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Shell piercings are one of the biggest trends in cartilage perforation. however, it's still popular enough to remain on the list until 2024. ("Shells are here to stay!" says Pearce.) At Studs, Bubbers says more and more customers are opting for a snake shell to bite (through the thick cartilaginous in the center of the path). up to the ear) for a doubly modern effect.

Outer conch (sometimes known as a "sconch")

Fresh forward helix and outer conch/ snonch today. I think my setup is  almost complete! Not sure what else to add : r/piercing

“I hope you don't use this name," Brooks said, laughing. He prefers the more medical-sounding "outer liner," but the term "sconch" has become popular to describe a piercing placed at the edge of the liner, in the socket near the center of the ear.

“It's just in your gaze when people look at you,” she says. Although it attracts attention no matter what type of earring you wear, Brooks likes to adorn a external piercing with a statement piece of jewelry.


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"[Tragus] piercings are having their day and won't disappear in 2024 " says Sharp. The tragus is the little valve where the ear meets the side of the ear. "It's the perfect place for something small, simple and unobtrusive to really balance the ear," he said.he adds.


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The experts we consulted at Nine Moons Piercing noted the rising of the tower. This is an inner ear piercing located on the “shelf” behind the front helix. “The towers are drilled straight down and allow for the use of a very curved bar during the initial healing phase,” says Pearce. "I think a lot of people get this piercing with the goal of one day being able to upgrade to a small, narrow ring."

Because of the shape: where the tower hangs towards the inner ear, small pendants and jewels, like the flower pictured above, provide an additional way to style it. “Personally, I love hanging pendants from a tower piercing,” says Sophie Angold, a piercer at New York-based Nine Moons Piercing.

Comment by Pearce has been proving it ever since. Every ear anatomy cannot safely support a rook, there is also the option of a false rook, which consists of two individual piercings placed on each end where a barbell would be.

Industrial chain

Thanks to the birth of the 90s and early 2000s that has affected all sectors of culture, an omnipresent nostalgia is returned with a new tempo. Older Millennials will remember the industrial piercing, a dumbbell-shaped piercing placed diagonally across the ear. The 2024 version of this look is the Chaindustrial, two distinct piercings connected to an ear chain to evoke the barrettes of the past. “Because many ears are not anatomically suited for a traditional industrial piercing, the many possible industrial options often provide a viable alternative that anyone can use,” says Pearce. "Its practicality and affordability prove it will be even more popular than its industrial inspiration."