I have been studying men's style for over a decade and every man can use these tips to update and improve his appearance.

The new year is a great opportunity to evaluate your personal style. Updating and improving your presentation requires thought and often expert advice. So below I offer 10 guidelines to consider, try and, if you're really interested, integrate by 2024.

Style trends currently favor more relaxed and less demanding people. This is important to note, but the advice offered here has a timeless quality. I believe that the choice of fashion should not be determined only by trends, because if you follow them too strictly, it often lacks originality and never looks beautiful. However, it's a good idea to stay current and in touch with the cultural zeitgeist. You'll feel better and people will notice. Above all, authenticity is key and you should wear what suits you.

Men's fashion trends tend to be cyclical, and just when a certain item or cut is in style, the pendulum always swings. The following tips are intended to cast a wider net and provide general, timeless style advice on what to wear for years to come.

Why you should trust me

Also if you write for Men's Journal, I covered topics such as men's clothing, fragrance, watches, grooming and style for Inside Hook, Robb Report, Esquire and Men's Health. I worked as a market editor at Esquire for several years, scouring the industry for the best clothes and products that were not only worth the investment, but also produced compelling stories and good advice for our readers.

I have always tried to give a timeless touch to everything I do Add an article I wrote: "Although the trends are interesting and relevant to some degree, my heart has always been drawn to more coherent directions and themes." My obsessive tendencies are both a blessing and a curse, and while I'm often drawn to dig deeper when I'm exhausted, it's this approach that often positions me as the person to turn to for advice. Whether it's coats, colognes, or turntable needles, people recognize that I've done the work. I love to inspire others around me to pursue their specific interests in things that can improve their lives.

Avoid: skinny jeans

Accept: baggy, straight-leg jeans.
From left to right: Buck Mason, Madewell, Levi's

We are specifically referring to jeggings or jeans that look like they can be removed from a man's legs. If your jeans don't give you enough room to breathe, it not only compromises comfort, but also reminds you of what dominated denim stores about 10 years ago. Instead, opt for a relaxed, fitted or leg-length cut that offers some room and allows for a slimmer silhouette. I like a slight taper as long as there is room everywhere. You want to wear your jeans and not let them tire you out.

Avoid pointed Chelsea boots.

Hug: Tough Pull-Up Boots
Clockwise from left: Taylor Stitch, Beckett Simons , Blundstones

About seven years ago, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing a pointy Chelsea boot (often paired with skinny jeans!). It's a timeless style, but in today's climate of casual and casual fashion, they can look very sophisticated and elegant. Instead, consider trying a rounder, slip-on Chelsea boot like the Blundstone, which has seen a fashion resurgence in recent years. These versatile boots pair well with casual jeans or straight-leg trousers, not to mention they are more durable even in bad weather.

Avoid: leather biker jackets.

Accepted: bomber jackets
Clockwise from left: Buck Mason, Huckberry, Thursday Boot Co.

Disclaimer: A leather biker jacket is undeniably timeless. However, biker styles have become very common, a far cry from the bold and iconic styles of the Ramones or Marlon Brando. We don't propose donating it, but perhaps taking it away for a while. Try a versatile leather bomber jacket. A stylish bomber jacket has the same timeless essence as a biker jacket, but exudes a more mature, sophisticated aesthetic that pairs easily with any outfit and is just as cool. A bomber jacket has its roots in military history (as does most men's clothing) and is an attractive and practical alternative to the oversaturated biker jacket.

Avoid: rigid and padded jackets.

Embrace: Unstructured and Structured Jacket
From left to right clockwise: Todd Snyder, Bonobos, Industry of All Nations

A fitted blazer is a key part of the men's wardrobe and its fit and versatility are crucial for any situation that requires customization. A hard, padded, lined jacket looks like you've simply split a suit jacket and paired it with jeans and chinos. Instead, opt for an unlined and unstructured jacket. They're sophisticated, simple, fitted, and pair well with everything from wool flannel trousers to chinos and jeans. Bonus points if it has texture and texture instead of a smooth, shiny, matte finish. Extra points for overtaking.