Greek goddess costumes are perfect for fans of Greek mythology, but also for anyone looking for an outfit that embodies strength, beauty, grace and power. Here are some inspirational ideas for your Greek Goddess Outfits! Let's look at different goddesses and learn about their legends and why they can be a good inspiration for your imagination. Whether you're simply interested in Greek myths or going to a toga party, you'll love our collection of Greek costumes.

Artemis could be the inspiration for your Greek Costume Be a goddess

Artemis is the goddess of the moon and twin sister of Apollo. She is also the goddess of the hunt and is traditionally depicted with a bow and accompanied by a deer. In Roman mythology she is known as Diana. Like Hestia and Athena, she is one of the virgin goddesses and as such she is single and has no children. Perhaps you know her from the story of Actaeon: her unfortunate prince surprised her while she was bathing in the forest. Enraged, Artemis transformed him into a deer and he was eaten by her own dogs.

Although, like all gods, she is sometimes described as cruel, Artemis is an inspiring deer goddess. Did you know that she, like Hecate, is still popular among Pagans and Wiccans today because she is a moon goddess? If you find her stories fascinating, we have plenty of Greek goddess outfit to choose from this Halloween!

Hestia could be the inspiration for your own goddess costume Greek

Perhaps one of the least known Greek goddesses, Hestia was an early Olympian deity, but gave up her place on Mount Olympus in favor of Dionysus, the god of wine. She is the goddess of home, architecture, family, state and domestic life. The Romans knew it by the name Vesta. She was an important figure in ancient Greece and she received the first offering during household sacrifices. Like them, their priestesses were virgins and in Roman times were called Vestals. They guarded the sacred fire of the goddess and enjoyed a privileged status; For example, they had a place of honor in games and events.

Aphrodite could inspire her Greek goddess costume

Aphrodite, that The Romans call her Venus and she is the goddess of love, although like many gods and goddesses she was also venerated for other things. For example, because she was born from sea foam, she was also called the goddess of the sea, and in some places she was even considered the goddess of war. Get some weapons for your costume! It has served as a source of inspiration for many artists and is the central theme of numerous world-famous paintings and sculptures. Zeus married her to Hephaestus, the lame god of forges and fire, but she also had children by Ares, the god of war. One of these children was Eros, who also became the god of love.

Being the goddess of love and beauty, she is one of the most beautiful in the world. the world . the world. the world. World. Mount Olympus You can be the most beautiful at the Halloween party or in toga if you wear a costume of the Greek goddess Aphrodite!

Hera could be an inspiration for your Greek goddess costume.

People often think of Hera as a jealous goddess; As the goddess of marriage and wife of Zeus, she is notoriously cruel towards her unfaithful husband's many conquests. Did you know that Hera (or Juno to the Romans) is also called the “Queen of Olympus” not only because she rules alongside Zeus, but also because, according to some, she is much older than Zeus and precedes her reign on Olympus? This makes her a great source of inspiration for your Greek goddess outfit!

Athena can be the inspiration for your Greek goddess costume

Athena is the Greek goddess of war, wisdom, civilization, law and justice, art, mathematics, craftsmanship, and many other things. You may also know her as a protector of cities, particularly Athens: she won the patronage of the city in a competition against Poseidon after inventing the olive tree. She is also the goddess of heroes and, according to legend, the mentor of heroes such as Odysseus, Hercules and Perseus. 

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Demeter could inspire your Greek Goddess Costume. The Greek goddess

Demeter is a mother goddess known to the Romans as Ceres. She is the Greek goddess of harvest, growth and nutrition, but also of the cycle of life and death. Like Aphrodite, she is also a fertility goddess and, like Hera, she accompanies women in the important stages of their lives. She is a powerful goddess who some associate with the constellation Virgo. However, she is not one of the virgin goddesses and has several children, the most famous of whom is her daughter Persephone.

Persephone may be the inspiration for your Greek

The story of Persephone is sad. Hades, the lord of the underworld, kidnapped her and wanted to make her his wife. Persephone (or Proserpina for the Romans), daughter of Demeter and Zeus, was picking flowers with Oceanis, Artemis and Athena when Hades emerged from the earth and took her with him to the underworld as his wife. Demeter, discouraged by the loss of her daughter, wandered aimlessly through the country. Her grief led her to neglect her duties as a harvest goddess and leave the land barren until Helios, one of the sun gods, told her what had happened. Zeus then sent Hermes, the messenger god, to bring her back from Hades.

Hades accepted, but before letting his wife go, the god of death lured Persephone. She also ate pomegranate seeds, which accompanied her for a third of the year and forced her to remain in the underworld during that period. Her return to earth marks the return of spring and she, as the daughter of Demeter, is a goddess of new life and fertility. As the wife of Hades, she is also the queen of the underworld and a goddess of death. Would you wear a Persephone-inspired Greek goddess costume?

Hecate can inspire your Greek goddess costume

Can't decide between a witch costume and a Greek goddess costume? Hecate is the goddess of crossroads, magic, necromancy, spirits, medicinal plants and witchcraft. and it is for this reason that some modern Pagans and Wiccans still worship it. Like Helios, she helped Demeter search for her missing daughter. Like Artemis, she is a moon goddess and although some confuse her with the goddess of the hunt, she is a very powerful goddess in her own right.

Iris can inspire your greek goddess costume

Fans of the popular Percy Jackson YA book series may remember Iris as the goddess of the rainbow. Like Hermes, she is a messenger goddess and personal messenger of Hera. For this reason she is often depicted as Hermes, with winged sandals. Some describe her not only as a goddess, but also as the literal personification of the rainbow. So an iris inspired Greek goddess costume can also be a great rainbow or pride costume!

Nike can inspire your Greek goddess costume

We know Nike or the Roman Victory as the Greek goddess of speed, strength and victory. Artists often depict her with wings and she would be a great source of inspiration for your costume!