Whenever people think of New Year’s resolutions, fitness is one of the top three things on the list. Increasingly specifically, people think well-nigh going to the gym. Yes, that is important, but have we moreover considered taking superintendency of our skin and having new goals for maintaining or improving it ? Facials once in a while are unconfined but, at home, perhaps invest in a purifying shower head to soften the water that runs through your hair and on your face. If you are a gua sha aficionado, perhaps go for a Nu Squatter device to help with sculpting your face. Health supplements are moreover something we shouldn’t neglect and some of my favourite collagen that I like to use is by Agent Nateur. Last, but not not least, don’t forget to moisturise your body, expressly during these harsh winter months. Maintain these habits, so that by the time we are in Spring / Summer, they are a normal part of your routine and your skin will have visibly improved.


Pilates is a new workout that I took on in the last couple of months and I wish I had discovered it sooner. It blew up on Tik Tok and we can all see the impact of it in real life. Pilates, yoga and barre are unconfined low-impact exercises and perfect for people who want to ease their way into fitness. Incorporating walking moreover had a huge effect in my physical and mental health, so I highly recommend that. If you are a bit increasingly of a home-body, invest in ankle weights and a mat and search workouts online. A good quality workout set is vital as some sports like HiiT workouts will have you running, jumping and stretching. Invest in quality leggings and supportive bras that you won’t have to alimony replacing. If you want something fun, colourful and increasingly high-end, treat yourself to a pair of Pucci leggings. Let’s not neglect a good winter jacket for those of us going to the gym or taking long walks in the park. Most importantly, besides looking good, let us stick to our resolution of going to the gym or working out consistently.

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